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submitted by Rachel Yeung   05/11/2012
Hello, I’ve read your book Various Flavours of Coffee and am now reading the Empress of Ice Cream. Your books are really engaging and enjoyable so thank you so much! I hope you’ll keep writing. Any chance you’ll be touring Australia?

Brilliant, moving, joyful…
submitted by Paul K   23/12/2011
Thnak you so much for this extraordinary, sensuous, warm-hearted book. It made my heart want to sing with joy.

Ice cream is sexy again!
submitted by Marco De Campi   08/01/2011
As an icecream maker, I always new it was sexy, but the Empress takes it to a whole new level

Empress of ice Cream For USA
submitted by Danielle Deininger   09/12/2010
I have been trying to get a hld of a copy of this book since i heard about it last summer. Will this book be released in the US anytime Soon.
Love the Cover art its beautiful!

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!
submitted by Selena Amos   28/10/2010
Thanks Anthony for another amazing story.
I have loved all your books and greatly enjoyed this. i noticed simular elements from all the previous books were mirrored in the ‘love’ between Louise and Charles and Demirco is simular to Laura, Tommaso and Bruno in the ‘Food of Love’, Or maybe i’m reading into things to deeply!
Looking forward reading the next Masterpiece.
Any chance of you touring to do book signings?

Another delicious read!
submitted by Anne Cater   23/08/2010
Loved it – here’s my review:

The Empress of Ice Cream is Anthony Capella’s fourth novel, eagerly anticipated by myself as I devoured the first three – it really doesn’t disappoint and yet again he weaves a wonderful story containing love, history, food and a little bit of Italy. Although the story is set in France and mainly in England, Italy is represented by Carlo – the male narrator of the story.

Although a fictional story, the events are based on historical fact and centre mainly on the power struggle between King Louis XIV and the courtiers of Charles II – the Dutch Wars and of course, the discovery of ice-cream – and how many of us knew that ice cream was invented here in England?

The story is narrated alternatively by Carlo Demarco – a young apprentice confectioner and Louise de Keroualle, an ex lady-in-waiting who Louis XIV has decided will become the next mistress of Charles II in order to pave the way for France to become the greatest country in Europe.

Carlo is in love with Louise, but it soon becomes clear that Louise is only in love with the idea of becoming the next Queen of England.

I dont read a lot of historical fiction and when I do, I tend to prefer stories about ‘ordinary people’ rather than royalty, however, this story is so well-written that I soon became immersed in the goings on of the English court. It amused me to read about how Parliament were discussing how they were going to pay off the King’s debts, nowadays they are worrying about how they will pay their own! Charles II was a serial womaniser, Nell Gwynne was probably his most famous mistress and Capella depicts her as a witty impersonator who used her position as the King’s mistress to her best advantage.

The discovery of ice-cream itself and the lavish banquets prepared for royalty are fascinating to read, Carlo is a great character – witty, romantic and very much the hero of the story.

English royalty and Government ministers were corrupt womanisers who spent too much money – they lived a lavish lifestyle and got deep into debt – not much has changed!

Although concentrating more on historical events and the discovery of ice-cream rather than Capella’s usual romantic main story, this is wonderful read that should not disappoint Capella’s many fans.

Excellent, as the previous ones !
submitted by Charlotte Brochoire    13/08/2010
Dear Anthony,

I was impatiently waiting for your new book and the dearest person in the world sent it to me as a surprise in France. I found the historical background amazingly interesting. i am passionate about both history of food and diplomacy. Your story is a perfect mix of the two. To me, it is probably the best novel you have written so far, though I also deeply enjoyed the Wedding Officer. Once again, thank you for the curiosity, excitement and delight you convey in your writing.
Now, I find myself again waiting for the next one !

Charlotte from Paris

Another brilliant page-turning story
submitted by Matt Franks   13/08/2010
I have devoured – I think that’s the right word – all Anthony Capella’s books so far and am always amazed by how he manages to find new and interesting subjects. The story of how ice cream came to be created was fascinating, and although there were times I wasn’t sure whether the two stories – Carlo’s and Louise’s – were going to come together, the ending (a big surprise, to me at least) made it all work triumphantly. When are these books going to be made into films?

I love all of your books
submitted by Lindsey Aucote   06/08/2010
I have really enjoyed all of your books and this latest book seems to have captured my attention from the first chapter. My most favourite book, so far, is food of love. What I find so interesting about all of these novels is the combination of romance with food. The descriptions have made my mouth water…. I have loved every book and I will be purchasing this new novel soon. Please don’t leave it too long to write the next one….

Just Ordered Empress of Ice Cream!
submitted by Fafa Demasio   05/08/2010
The information you put on the side bar about Empress of Ice Cream, especially the historical background is fascinating. I love that you’ve included ice cream recipes, too.

I just ordered my copy of the book from Amazon.com. I can’t wait to read it!

Happy reading, everyone!

Love the excerpt from Empress of Ice Cream
submitted by Harry Lime   16/07/2010
Quite sensual! Hope of the rest of the novel is as good!
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